How much is a postage stamp?

The price of postage stamps in the United States has fluctuated throughout history.

How much is a postage stamp

Today, the price of a first class stamp will cost 49 cents, and the price of each additional ounce will cost 22 cents. It will also cost you 34 cents to post a domestic postcard.

However, there are often discounts and promotions when you purchase stamps online.

How much does it cost to buy a postage stamp?

In January 2013, the United States Postal Service increased the cost for all stamps. Stamps for first class letters will now cost 46 cents, an increase of one cent from 45 cents. For each extra ounce, it will cost you 20 cents. Postage stamps for first class flats have also increased by two cents from 90 cents to 92 cents. Again, every additional ounce will cost you 20 cents. To send a postcard, it will now cost you 33 cents.

To send a letter to Canada, there will be a reduced rate. However, there has been an increase in priority mail letters to be sent internationally, including to Mexico. Mail sent internationally is now called First Class Package Service and will include free postage tracking, offered by the United States Postal Office.

The USPS also introduced a new product called the Global Forever Stamp. This will allow you to send a letter or postcard which weighs no more than one ounce to any country in the world for the small fee of $1.10.

How much is a postage stamp online?

Many people buy postage stamps online because it is often more convenient than buying a stamp from the post office. Individuals can purchase postage stamps from the comfort of their own home, from one of many different reliable companies that offer the service. Several of these websites offer discounts to people who buy stamps. For example, you could get up to 40 per cent off purchases which are included when insuring packages and documents.

In addition, there are a number of offers available on express mail shipments and priority mail, however the discounted price will depend on where you buy these items online. People who purchase stamps online enjoy the convenience that this brings; for example, addresses are often printed instantly on the envelope you want to send to your desired location.

Many other websites use online tools that can accurately correct the weight and measurements of your letter or package, further reducing the need to visit your local post office. People can save time and money by purchasing stamps online. The process is often very simple and only requires the sender to fill out a short online form and then pay the required fees. The United States Postal Service, or USPS, offers many stamps which can be purchased online. You will need to create a new online account, with a username and password, and then choose the type of stamp you want to buy.

How can I save even more money on stamps?

One way to save money on postage stamps is to purchase older stamps which are sill legally valid but are no longer issued. Any stamp which has been produced and issued by the United States Postal Service since the US Civil War can still be used to send a letter or document.

This basically means that you can put any stamp on your letter which has been produced in the last 150 years and the USPS will pay for postage. Many people have been collecting stamps during this period and these stamps are available to purchase on a number of different websites and online auction sites.

Because there has been an over-supply of these stamps, some are not worth much in the way of collectors items, but for those looking to save money, they can be a good investment and can be used to send letters in the United States. To find these stamps, speak to local stamp dealers in your area, many of which will sell them for much less than their face value.

Also consider face value lots where hundreds or even thousands of stamps in bulk can be purchased via stamp auction website. You can even find old stamp at yard sales, estate sales, or flea markets in your local area or state.

Update Price of US Postage Stamps

Summary of the 2015 Postage Rate Increase: Domestic: First Class Mail Letters (1 oz.) will remain the same at $0.49 when purchased at the Post Office. Each additional ounce will cost $0.22 (up one cent from 2014). Read “Postage Rate Increase” for more information.