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Rare postage stamps, What are the rarest stamps in the world? This is one of the most frequently-asked questions by both budding stamp collectors and those in possession of inherited albums or stacks of stamps.

Value of old postage stamps, Old postage stamps, especially the rare stamps, are worth more than the newer stamps.

Philately definition and types, Your romance with philately started when you saw a beautiful stamp. But just when you thought you know a lot about stamp collecting, you realize there are actually 11 classifications of philately..

Buy postage stamps, You have just begun stamp collecting and made it your heart and soul. But you found out that collecting used stamps, from the mail could not gratify your passion for postage stamps.

Personalized photo stamps, Making your own personalized photo stamps is also a great way to collect stamps. You can have your own photo placed in your stamp collections.

How to remove old stamps, You never know what is in store for you in your dusty mail bin. Perhaps it is a pretty postage stamp from Aunt Martha's Caribbean cruise or an exotic postcard stamp from the tropics.

US postage stamps, The US postage stamps are unique and interesting. The history and the evolution of these US postage stamps are as rich and colorful as the stamps themselves.

Postage stamps prices, Stamp collecting is a fun and interesting hobby enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. Interesting enough, stamp collecting can be a costly.

Personalized stamps evolution, Would you like to express yourself creatively on a postage stamp? Show how unique you are even when you send out mails by posting custom stamps on your envelope.

Begin stamp collecting, Although the advent of the Internet, electronic mails (e-mails), cellphones, and instant messaging services (IMS) ignited the four corners of the world to develop into one huge wireless global village.

Stamp collecting tools, The hobby of philately or stamp collecting is more rewarding and fun when you have the left philatelic supplies and stamp accessories to help you.

US postage stamp collecting tips, No doubt you have set aside some American stamps that caught your fancy and you want to have more.

The right stamp dealer, Choosing the right stamp dealer is important when you decide to make the big leap from being a stamp collector to being a stamp investor.

Enjoying the Art of Stamp Collecting, The art of stamp collecting breathes a new life to retirees seeking out an interesting pastime, professionals wanting to unwind after a tiresome day at work..

USPS stamps, Being a dynamic philatelist as you are, you go out and seek new stamps to increase your postage stamps collection.

Wildlife on stamps, Wildlife stamps are gaining popularity among topical stamp collectors. Animals on stamps are one of the well-loved themes in topical stamp collecting.

Old posted stamps, Recycled postage stamps have become synonymous with philanthropy because they are sold to raise funds to support various social causes.

Christmas postage stamps, Christmas stamps have become a postal tradition not only in the US and Canada but in other parts of the world as well.

How to sort stamps, As your stamp collection grows, you also acquire plenty of stamp duplicates especially when you buy philatelic mixtures.

What are forever stamps?, From its unusual name, you may be wondering what forever postal stamps are and how they came to be.

What are cinderella stamps, Stamp-like labels were continually used to mark envelopes and postcards for propaganda and advertising features.

Famous stamp collectors, Through the years, the history of philately has been shaped by ardent stamp collectors who find joy in gathering postage stamps and studying the types of philately.

Postage stamp grading and condition, In philately, stamp grade and condition are very important when it comes to determining the value of stamps.

Postage stamp identification, Collecting stamps can never be more fun when you know what postage stamp you are collecting.

History of US postage stamps, When the US postal service was formalized, they began to issue the official US stamps.

Stamp collectors exchange, tamp exchange or stamp trading is a good way to start and expand a stamp collection.

What is a stamp collector?, A stamp collector is a hobbyist who takes pleasure in collecting postage stamps.

Uses of photo stamps, Photo stamps are also known as personalized stamps. These stamps are postage stamps wherein any photograph or image can be placed into the stamp by anyone.

Commemorative stamps, Commemorative postage stamps are also printed to highlight and promote national or international events.

Postal services history and origins, Postal services long existed in China since 4000 BC. Millennium later, Egypt and Assyria had their postal services.

The first postage stamp, Knowing the postal services history is the best weapon in collecting stamps. Stamps are elements used since writing evolved.

Different parts of postage stamps, Philately, the study of stamps, teaches us that postage stamps have different components that are taken as a whole.

How stamps are printed, Postage stamps are normally made from printing press. Most stamps are made from paper.

What are definitive stamps, A definitive stamp is a postage stamp that is issued regularly in a particular country.

How stamps are issued, How stamps are printed has changed through time as postmasters have found it cumbersome and time consuming to tear off the delicate sheet stamps.

Types of error stamps, Stamps that have major, consistent, and unintentional deviation from the normal stamps are considered errors.

Kinds of stamp tweezers, Most stamp tongs available in the market are made out of metal. Standard stamp tweezers has a length of 4 to 8 inches (or about 10 to 20 cm).

Stamp catalogue guide, The first stamp catalogue was made by a French bookseller and philatelist named Oscar Berger-Levrault in September 1861.

What are wedding stamps?, Your family and friends will feel love is in the air with your wedding postal stamps even before they open your wedding invite.

Penny Black stamps, The Penny Black is the moniker of the world’s first adhesive stamp used in public postal system. The idea of an adhesive stamp indicates that a letter has been paid.

Facts on USPS stamps, You have come to the right place as we have gathered the who, what, when, who, and other possible queries you want to be answered about United States postal stamps.

Stamp collecting for kids, If you want to become a young stamp collector, this awesome stamp collecting guide is just for you. And remember, this pastime is not only for kids.

Sea mail collecting, Long time ago when women still wore petticoats, ladies gazes out to the sea in hopes of reuniting with their lovers from across the shores.

Using stamp mounts, Learn the correct way to mount your unused stamps without damaging them

Selling stamp collection, This is probably the best advice non-collectors can get after inheriting their grandparents old stamp collection.

Stamp cancellation marks guide, As vanguards of postal frauds, the heroic story of stamp cancellations unfolds in the 1840s when the first Penny Black stamps were released in Great Britain.

How to collect used stamps, When a postage stamp has been cancelled, it means that it has already been defaced and it can not be reused. Collecting used stamps is another way to enjoy philately.

Topical stamp collecting, When philately was first introduced, stamp collectors once thought that collecting stamps from around the world was the only way to go.

Canadian stamp collecting, Canada’s postal history not only defines North American philately, it also traces its roots to France and Great Britain.

Indian stamp collecting, Indian philately is as vast as the Indian subcontinent and as eclectic as its culture. Indian stamp collecting has always been a favorite among philatelists because of its fascinating history rooted in its ethnic and colonial influences.

Collecting covers, Philatelists send mail to each other just for the sake of exchanging postage stamps. The envelopes they use are carefully applied with postage stamps and cancellation marks.

Collector stamp price guide, The collector stamp price history of any country has been going up in the past generations. This is cannot be avoided due to the economic changes.

History of British postage stamps, Stamp collectors and enthusiasts hold a special place in their hearts for the stamps of Great Britain. This, after all, is the nation where the postage stamp was invented.

History of German stamps, The history of the German post and the history of stamps in Germany are closely linked to its political history.

The beautiful world of Chinese stamps, Chinese stamps are linked strongly to the opulent history of China, and the various transformations that have taken place in government over the centuries.

How to display your stamp collection, An article guide about how to display you postage stamp collections. You'll find there are many different ways to display and store your collection, more than listed here.

Essential Guide to Buying Stamps Online, A complete guide for purchasing collectible postage stamps on the net. Check out which are the most reliable reliable stamp dealers online.

How much is a postage stamp, The price of postage stamps in the United States has fluctuated throughout history. Today, the price of a first class stamp will cost 46 cents, and the price of each additional ounce will cost 20 cents.

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