Create Unique personalized postage stamps for wedding invitations

custom postage stamps for wedding

Adding a personal touch to your wedding stationery makes your invitations extra special. One way to customize your envelopes is with personalized postage stamps designed just for you. Custom wedding stamps feature the bride and groom’s names, wedding date, special photos, and other unique details. With so many design options to choose from, it’s easy to create wedding stamps that complement your invitation suite and theme.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn all about personalizing postage stamps for your wedding. We’ll cover the customization process, timeline, design tips, ordering information, and more. Whether you want simple names and dates or elaborate drawings and motifs, custom wedding stamps add a thoughtful element that guests will adore.

The benefits of personalized wedding postage stamps include:

– Making a great first impression with guests when they receive your invites in the mail
– Setting the tone and feel of your wedding with cohesive stationery
– Adding a personal touch and human element with names, dates, photos
– Expressing your style, interests, and theme through the stamp design
– Creating a memorable keepsake and collector’s item from your special day

With custom stamps, you can include unique illustrations, photos, monograms, wedding dates, location, names, and other details that make your wedding distinctly yours. Designing your own wedding stamps lets you integrate meaningful symbols, imagery, and text to share your love story.

In this guide, we’ll explore the range of design possibilities for DIY wedding stamps and walk through the process of ordering customized postage. We’ll also provide tips on ensuring smooth mailing and delivery. By the end, you’ll be ready to create and order beautiful custom stamps that give your wedding stationery a personalized flair. Let’s get started!

How to Personalize Wedding Postage Stamps

When creating your own custom wedding stamps, you have many design options to choose from. The two main ways to personalize are:

Custom Illustrations and Typography

  • Work with a graphic designer or artist to create custom illustrations featuring your names, wedding date, venue, special motifs, and other meaningful symbols. This allows complete creative freedom.
  • Choose unique fonts, colors, and layouts for a typographic design with names, dates, and other text details.


  • Incorporate photos of you as a couple, wedding location, flowers, or other meaningful images.
  • Some stamp providers let you upload a photo to be printed directly on the stamps.

Other creative touchpoints:

  • Monograms using your first, last, or married initials. Classic and elegant options.
  • Silhouettes of the bride, groom, or wedding location skyline.
  • Special shapes like hearts, stars, rings, flowers instead of traditional rectangle stamps.

When designing your custom wedding postage stamps, review style guides and design libraries from vendors. Many have templates, fonts, layouts, and clip art to inspire your own vision. Refer to real customer examples to spark ideas too. The key is choosing design elements that represent your relationship and big day.

Ordering process and timeline for custom wedding stamps:

Ordering your own personalized wedding stamps is easy and straightforward. Here are the typical steps:

  1. Decide on your design, colors, images, text, etc. Refer to the design tips in this guide for ideas.
  2. Select a vendor that offers custom wedding stamps. Research reviews and compare pricing.
  3. Upload your finished design file or work directly with the vendor’s graphic designer to create your stamps.
  4. Choose quantity based on number of invitations. You can order custom stamps in bulk for cost savings.
  5. Pick your paper finish – glossy, matte, etc. Add fancy edges or die-cut shapes for extra flair.
  6. Enter your recipient addresses for printed directly on the stamps or blank for you to write.
  7. Submit order and payment. Many vendors offer rush shipping if needed.

Regarding timeline, most custom stamp vendors can turn around your order in 1-2 weeks. However, it’s best to allow 3-4 weeks for design approvals and production. Factoring in shipping time, order your DIY wedding stamps 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding date for best results.

For destination weddings or international guests, give yourself extra time – up to 12 weeks – to account for further shipping. Order a sample stamp first to test mailing time to your location.

Design Tips for Custom Wedding Stamps

When creating your personalized wedding stamps, keep these design tips in mind:


  • Include names, wedding date, location or other text if desired – great for custom typography.
  • Incorporate meaningful shapes and symbols like hearts, rings, flowers.
  • Use colors from your wedding palette for cohesive branding.
  • Feature a favorite photo of you and your spouse-to-be.
  • Tie in your theme or interests with images like beach scenes, animals, hobbies.
  • Keep some stamps simple and leave others more elaborate for interest.


  • Avoid busy patterns or cluttered designs – they won’t stand out well when small.
  • Steer clear of inside jokes or obscure references unknown to guests.
  • Don’t use low-resolution images – go for high-quality photos and graphics.
  • Refrain from anything controversial or polarizing. Stamps are keepsakes!
  • Don’t forget to order enough stamps – run counts for all enclosures and RSVP cards.

Common mistakes include blurry photos, “free” clip art that looks cheap, and not having a unifying style. Take advantage of design templates and work with the vendor’s graphic artists to create cohesive, balanced wedding stamps you’ll treasure.

International Shipping Considerations

If you’ll be mailing wedding invitations internationally, special regulations apply when sending custom stamps. Here are tips for smooth delivery:

  • Research each destination country’s restrictions on shape, paper, and design for custom postage. Some prohibit certain imagery.
  • Work with a vendor experienced in international shipping and customs regulations to ensure compliance.
  • Expect longer transit times of 4-6 weeks for international mail, especially for custom items. Order extra early.
  • Request tracking and insurance to cover lost or delayed mail. Registered mail has more protections.
  • For Europe and other areas with larger stamps, order the appropriate size rather than default US postage.
  • Avoid potential hang-ups with very elaborate stamp designs – unusual shapes, thick embellishments. Simple is safer.
  • Confirm addresses are complete and properly formatted for each country. Include postal codes.
  • Attach stamps within invitation if possible, rather than on envelope, for better security.
  • Have a backup plan for follow up if stamps are damaged or envelopes missing.

With proper planning and an experienced vendor, personalized stamps can successfully reach international destinations right on time for the big day. Just build in extra lead time and communicate any address specifics early in the process.

Bulk ordering custom wedding stamps:

Ordering your personalized wedding postage stamps in bulk can save you money and streamline logistics. Here are some key advantages:

Cost Savings

  • Bulk stamp orders qualify for wholesale pricing, allowing 20-30% discounts off small runs.
  • No rush order fees that come with quicker turnaround on small orders.
  • Lower cost per unit on add-ons like upgraded paper and special die cuts.

Streamlined Logistics

  • One larger order rather than multiple small batches is easier to track and manage.
  • Bulk orders often get faster handling and production timelines.
  • You’ll have all stamps on hand at once for addressing envelopes in one session.
  • Don’t have to worry about ordering more if you run short on smaller orders.

For planning, estimate 20-25% more stamps than your invite count for extras. If ordering 200 invitations, get 250 stamps. Extras cover addressing mistakes, postal losses, and special insert stamps.

Discuss timeline requirements with your vendor and see if they offer incentives for large bulk orders. With proper planning, you can get exceptional value and convenience with customized stamps in bulk.

Real-life examples and inspiration

Seeing custom stamps designed by other couples can spark inspiration for your own. Here are a few gorgeous examples:

Customer Testimonials

-“We did vintage travel stamps with photos from places we visited together.”

-“Our stamps featured wildflowers and mountains to reflect our venue.”

-“We included our dog on some stamps using a cute drawing our friend made.”

-“The artistic renderings of our faces looked so romantic and special.”

Photos of Custom Stamps

  • Stamps with silhouette of bride and groom holding hands.
  • Typographic names and wedding date in elegant calligraphy fonts.
  • Whimsical hand-drawn stamps with the couple as cartoon characters.
  • Photo stamps alternating between wedding venue and couple’s childhood homes.
  • Minimalist stamps with line-art florals in wedding colors.
  • Rustic nature stamps featuring pine trees and mountains for an outdoor wedding.

There are so many unique ways to approach your custom wedding stamp design. Look to other customers for examples and ask your stationery designer for concepts to make your stamps special. The sky’s the limit.


Custom postage stamps are a lovely way to add personality and charm to your wedding invitations. With so many options for custom illustrations, typography, photos, shapes and formats, it’s easy to design stamps that complement your wedding style.

Key takeaways:

  • Work with designers or vendors that offer templates and support to create your ideal stamps.
  • Incorporate meaningful images, motifs, colors, and text that represent your relationship.
  • Allow plenty of time for design approvals and delivery, especially for international guests.
  • Order extra stamps in bulk for cost savings and convenience.
  • Follow design best practices around images, fonts, and layouts for cohesive style.

With thoughtful planning and creative custom stamps, you can set the perfect tone for your wedding from the moment your guests receive your invitations. Special postage is a wonderful memento they can save as well.

As you start the exciting process of designing your own stamps, remember to have fun and enjoy this unique way to showcase your love story! Your custom wedding stamps will be utterly one-of-a-kind.