What are wedding stamps?

Guide on personalized wedding postage stamps

Did you know that perfect wedding invitations start with romantic wedding stamps? Your family and friends will feel love is in the air with your wedding postal stamps even before they open your wedding invite.

If you’re a bride who wants to pay attention to detail on your wedding favors, choose personalized wedding stamps that match with the rest of your wedding mail motif. Wedding postage stamps are ordered online or from the postal service.

Where can I use wedding stamps?

Use your wedding postal stamps to complement your wedding invitations and RSVP cards. Even wedding thank you cards are perfect with customized wedding stamps.

Wedding postage stamps, whether the pre-designed or customized ones, are conveniently issued in wedding stamp booklets in various face values.

The USPS wedding stamps, for example, have two kinds. The 1-ounce wedding stamps suited for lighter mail like wedding postcards or simple wedding invitations. The 2-ounce wedding stamps are intended for heavier mail like elaborate wedding invitations with ornate designs.

What are the types of wedding postage stamps?

Regular wedding postal stamps – most postal services issue wedding stamps that are already printed with wedding themes.

These pre-designed wedding postage stamps have dainty designs like wedding rings, hearts, and wedding cakes.

Custom wedding stamps – for sophisticated wedding invites, customized wedding stamps can be ordered from the postal service or from authorized stamp shops.

Custom wedding postage stamps can be printed with the wedding date or other designs.

Common personalized wedding stamps

a) Monogram wedding stamps – to give your invitation a personal touch, why not use you and partner’s initials?

A monogrammed wedding postage stamp is embellished with the couple’s initials on the stamp design.

b) Wedding photo stamps – the most romantic bride and groom stamps are probably the wedding picture stamps. The couple’s engagement photo adorns the wedding stamp.

c) Save the date stamps – some personalized wedding stamps are printed with the wedding date and the phrase “save the date”. Save the date stamps gives guests the idea when is the wedding day even before they open the invite.

d) RSVP wedding stamps – instead of sending out an RSVP card together with your wedding invitation, why not use an RSVP postage stamp instead? Guests will be sure to reply to your unique wedding invitation.

e) Thank you wedding stamps – your guests will be smiling when you show them how grateful you are for their presence during your big day when you send them thank you notes with special thank you wedding postal stamps on the envelope.

Where to buy wedding stamps?

Wedding-themed stamps can be bought from the post office. Well-known postal services that issue wedding postage stamps are USPS in the United States and An Post in some European countries.

For the ease of the bride and groom, postal services sell pre-designed stamp sheets or stamp booklets.

The An post wedding stamps and USPS wedding stamps are usually issued in various denominations intended for different weights of the wedding mail.

How can I make personalized wedding stamps?

Creating your own custom wedding stamps is easy. But since you can not just make your own definitive postage stamps, you can order your personalized wedding stamps from stamp shops affiliated with your local postal service.

The most convenient way is to order your wedding postage stamps online in zazzle.com, perfectpostage.com, or photo.stamps.com where you can choose customized themes and even upload your pictures to make your custom wedding stamp design on various postage stamp templates.