Uses of photo stamps

Know what are the different uses of photo stamps

Photo stamps are also known as personalized stamps. These stamps are postage stamps wherein any photograph or image can be placed into the stamp by anyone; may it be a member of the public, a non governmental unit, or a governmental unit which doesn’t have an authority to issue stamps.

In some countries, photo stamps or personalized stamps are referred to as a form of meter labels; which means it follows the standards of a metered mail.

You can place almost anything on personalized postage stamps; it can be images of pets, babies, your favorite cartoon character, scenery or pictures taken from a vacation. People nowadays can be very imaginative with their stamps; however some people abused the use of photo stamps by putting images which aren’t acceptable.

Photo stamps are valid U.S postage stamps based on the PC postage technology. Only USPS approved providers are authorized to print a custom stamp. In order to avoid imitators always look for the USPS logo or the Photostamps® brand before you buy customized photo stamps on the net.

Making your custom postage stamps is an easy task. You can just simply upload an image to any of these USPS accredited photo stamp sites such as and; next is customize and edit your photo, then simply choose the denomination or value of the stamp and place your order.

There are several uses of Photo stamps

A personalized wedding invitation stamp

Add Personality

Photo stamps can add personality to all sorts of invites or occasion you can think of. You can create a wedding stamp for your wedding invitations or almost anything that fit an occasion; may it be holiday cards, greeting cards, invitations or birthday announcements. This can be a way of remembering special occasions and events.


Custom stamps can also be great gifts. They are unique, unforgettable and original. A woman sent her client a set of photos stamps with an image of the client’s new home, they were so delighted and used it for their new address notices and kept some for remembrance.

Show Talent

Some people can show off their artistic talent through photo postage stamps. They can place and present images of their self made paintings or captured photographs with style.


Some companies thought of this photo stamps as great marketing tools. They can create custom postage stamps with images of their company logos or company products and serve as promotional tools.

For Pleasure

Some people simply just want to make custom stamps for pleasure, may it be just a basketball fanatic that wants to make a stamp collection of all his favorite NBA players or just simply make photo stamps with images of your favorite things.


These photo postage stamps can be very useful for people who don’t want to wait in long lines to buy postage stamps. With these stamps, buying postage stamps on post offices are no longer needed as it can be bought online.

Find missing persons

A rather unique and wonderful use of these personalized postage stamps is to find missing persons. Some people placed the photos of missing persons on these stamps in an attempt to find them.