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The price of postage stamps in the United States has fluctuated throughout history. Today, the price of a first class stamp will cost 46 cents, and the price of each additional ounce will cost 20 cents.
A complete guide for purchasing collectible postage stamps on the net. Check out which are the most reliable reliable stamp dealers online.
An article guide about how to display you postage stamp collections. You'll find there are many different ways to display and store your collection, more than listed here.
Chinese stamps are linked strongly to the opulent history of China, and the various transformations that have taken place in government over the centuries.
Read about the history of German postage stamps and learn how these stamps are closely linked to their political history.
Stamp collectors and enthusiasts hold a special place in their hearts for the stamps of Great Britain.
Be a keen postage stamp investor by knowing the secrets of the philatelic market. Know about the dynamics of the collector stamp price. Read about the stamp catalogue price, postage stamp dealer’s price.
Info on how to collect postal history covers. Read about the parts of a philatelic mail. What is a first day cover, a railway cover, and a flown cover? Learn the right way to store your philatelic cover.
Guide in Indian postage stamp collecting. Read about the first stamp in Asia. Learn where to get the best deals in Indian postage stamps. Trace the colorful India postal history from the British India down to the India Post.
Info on Canada Post postage stamp collecting. Read about admiral stamps, Canadian war stamps, and Canadian commemorative stamps. Learn about the how and where you can purchase Canada Post stamps when you are from abroad.
An article on topical postage stamp collecting. Best guide in how to start thematic philately. Learn about the famous subjects on topical stamps. Read creative tips in displaying thematic postage stamps.
Article on cancelled postage stamps collecting. Know if cancelled stamps are worth anything. Learn how to start a recycled used stamp collection.
Article on the special postmarks and stamp cancels. Know what a philatelic killer or obliterator is. Learn how stamp cancellation marks affect the postage stamp value.
Learn the indicators for high and low value for selling a postage stamp collection. Know where to sell postage stamp.
how to put postage stamps on mounts. Learn about important tips about using stamp mounts.
Sea mail collecting article for postal history collectors. Read about the types of sea mails. Learn how sea mails were conveyed. Learn about the different ship markings used in naval mail.
Tips for amateur stamp collectors. Know about the basics in stamp collecting for kids. Learn how to remove used stamp from envelopes and other stamp information for new stamp collectors.
Make your wedding invitation sophisticated and unique by purchasing wedding stamps in the post office. Learn about the different wedding postal stamps designs in this article.
Answers to frequently asked questions on USPS stamp collecting. Read about the interesting facts and figures on American stamps. Get your answers to basic questions young stamp collectors ask about United States stamp collecting.
United Kingdom’s rare adhesive postage stamp about the value of Penny Black stamps. Postage stamp collecting started in the late 1840. Discover the intriguing history of Penny blacks as you go over this article.
Information on the best postage stamp collecting catalogues for philatelist. Know the different stamp catalogs. Read about first stamp catalogues. Read through the list of free stamp catalogues online
postage stamp collecting article on the kinds of stamp tongs. Learn about the importance of using a pair of stamp tweezers when handling stamps. Know about the uses different ends of the stamp tongs.
Stamp collecting article about the value of error postage stamp. Learn about the different types of postage stamp errors, freaks, and oddities. Know the tips on how to identify counterfeit error stamps.
Stamp collecting article on how stamps are issued. Read about stamp coils, stamp sheets, stamp booklets, and postal stationery sets.
Animals and flowers are depicted in postage stamps. Read this stamp collecting article and determine the different countries that depict fauna and flora on their stamp. Know more about the different depictions of definitives.
Stamp collecting article on how stamps are printed. Paper is the most used material to print stamps. Know the different methods on how postage stamps are made. Learn more about the various stamp printing errors.
Read about the components of a postal stamp. Postage stamp collecting article on the various stamp designs, papers, and perforations. Know about the different kinds of postal stamp adhesives
Stamp collecting article about the first postage stamp. It is the world's first adhesive stamp used in public postal system. Black penny stamp is one of the sought after postal stamp among stamp collectors. Know more about the history of penny black.
Envelop was first used in the late 1840's. In the same year, postage stamp collecting started. Know the different modes of transporting mails. Be guided about the ancient and medieval postal service.
Commemorative stamps are made to honor a certain person, place, or event. Commemorative postage stamps are also printed to highlight and promote national or international events.
Photo stamps are also known as personalized stamps. These stamps are postage stamps wherein any photograph or image can be placed into the stamp.
Postage stamp collecting guide, learn the technical name for a stamp collector: philatelist. Know the other name for stamp collector called timbromanist. Learn what does a philatelist collect. Read about the origin of the word philately.
Stamp collecting article on stamp collector’s exchange. Learn how to increase your postage stamp collection through stamp trading. Know how to use a stamp exchange list and join in stamp exchange clubs.
Know about the earliest USPS stamps from the first American definitive stamps to the birth of perforated American stamps. Trace the US philatelic history that has shaped the world’s postage stamp collecting through the various USPS stamp sets.
Become an expert in postage stamp collecting by correctly identifying the stamps. Know about the different tools to help you identify postage stamps.
The stamp grade and condition is important in postage stamp collecting. Read how the stamp gum can affect stamp grading. Learn about the factors that comprise the stamp condition.
There are stamp collectors clubs all over the world and with that, a number of Famous stamp collectors are recognized, know some of them.
How to find the value of vintage stamps. Read about tips in assessing your old postage stamps value. Know about the factors that determine the cost of old stamps. Learn about old stamp price guides that list the old stamps worth.
A fiscal and revenue stamp collecting article. Know about the definition of cinderella philately. Learn about the types of service labels and other stamp-like items.
Article on USPS no-value indicator stamps equivalent to first class mail. Learn why United States forever postal stamps are not valid for stamp collecting. Know how forever stamps started and how consumers benefit from them.
Ideas on how to sort out your postage stamp collection. Read about the things you need to help you categorize stamps. Learn about the traditional and creative ways to organize a stamp collection.
Article guide on Christmas postage stamp collecting. Read about the first xmas stamps in Canada and in the US. Learn if you can still use your Christmas stamps the whole year round. Read about the interesting holiday or winter stamp designs.
Selling old postal stamps by weight is another type of postage stamp collecting. Read how you can donate your used stamps for charity. Learn about the various causes supported by kiloware stamps and mission mixtures.
Stamp collecting article on wildlife stamps. Know how to display cats on stamps, fish on stamps, and other animals on postcards and stamps in philatelic albums. Read where to get the best deals on pets on stamps.
Know about the different US postage stamps for your philatelic collection. Know about the technical aspects of USPS stamps. Read about the rare American stamps for your philatelic investment.
Stamp collecting facts about the art of philately. Learn about collecting used stamps and the types of stamp collecting. Know about the benefits of stamp postal stamp collecting.
Guide in finding the right postage stamp dealer. Know the importance of knowing a reliable philatelic dealer. Learn where to look for a dependable stamp dealer.
Top rarest stamp of the world and their value & prices. Brief & complete information of the most valuable postage stamps.
Postage stamp collecting article on American stamps. Read about tips on how to collect United States post stamps. Know how collectible USPS stamps are issued.
Stamp collecting articles on the basic stamp collector supplies. Know about the stamp mounts and stamp hinges, stamp tongs, and other stamp collecting accessories. A guide on the fundamental philately tools every stamp collector must have.
Stamp collecting is still one of the most popular hobbies worldwide. Stamp collecting to some individuals is more than just a fascinating hobby.
Article on how to make your personalized postage stamp. Read about the first custom stamps. Learn how to make your own stamps.
Postage stamps prices referred here are more often that not, the market and not the face value of the stamp or the stamp collection as a whole.
The first US postage stamps were of five cents denomination and depicted the Postmaster General Benjamin Franklin. The second US postage stamps issued were the George Washington stamps with a denomination of ten cents.
Article on postage stamp removal instruction. Learn how to remove old stamps from paper without tearing it. The safe way of getting stamps off postcards and letters.
You can have your own photo placed in your stamp collections. This is called photo stamps. Creating your own personalized photo stamps is easy.
Stamp collecting can be more exciting if you know where and how to get your collections. Whenever you collect a stamp, always remember that, someday, it will become rare and will worth a lot of money.
There are 11 classifications of postage stamp collecting. Read about classical philately and other modern philatelic categories. Know which kind of stamp collecting suits you best.

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