When a postage stamp has been cancelled, it means that it has already been defaced and it can not be reused. Collecting used stamps is another way to enjoy philately.

When philately was first introduced, stamp collectors once thought that collecting stamps from around the world was the only way to go.

Canada’s postal history not only defines North American philately, it also traces its roots to France and Great Britain.

Indian philately is as vast as the Indian subcontinent and as eclectic as its culture. Indian stamp collecting has always been a favorite among philatelists because of its fascinating history rooted in its ethnic and colonial influences.

Philatelists send mail to each other just for the sake of exchanging postage stamps. The envelopes they use are carefully applied with postage stamps and cancellation marks.

The collector stamp price history of any country has been going up in the past generations. This is cannot be avoided due to the economic changes.

Stamp collectors and enthusiasts hold a special place in their hearts for the stamps of Great Britain. This, after all, is the nation where the postage stamp was invented.

The history of the German post and the history of stamps in Germany are closely linked to its political history.

Chinese stamps are linked strongly to the opulent history of China, and the various transformations that have taken place in government over the centuries.

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The price of postage stamps in the United States has fluctuated throughout history. Today, the price of a first class stamp will cost 46 cents, and the price of each additional ounce will cost 20 cents.