US postage stamp collecting tips

A primer on how to collect United States stamps for new philatelists

A collection of United States postage stamps
A collection of United States postage stamps

No doubt you have set aside some American stamps that caught your fancy and you want to have more. United States stamp collecting is so popular that philatelists from other parts of the world collect them, too.

Did you know that there are thousands of USPS stamps that were printed since the beginning of the US postal service history in the 1800s? Even if you aim to collect them all, it is virtually impossible because some of the rare American stamps cost millions of dollars.

However, a true-blue USPS stamp collector lives by the golden rule in philately:

“Choose only the type of United States postage stamp that interests you.”

Sounds easy enough, is it not? Start your USPS stamp collection small and eventually, it will grow bigger until you can make them into an investment. Here are some United States postage stamp collecting tips to help you get started with your passion.

Which category of US stamps collecting interests me?

There are different types of US stamps. Perhaps you only want to feature holiday stamps? Or are you interested in commemorative stamps only? Sticking to a topic or what is called thematic philately is more rewarding and easier to collect depending on your chosen theme.

Other philatelists who are into United States stamp collecting choose their stamps according to their favorite topics. If you love art, why not choose a USPS stamp featuring a famous painting? If you’re into American history, there is a long list of USPS stamps highlighting notable Americans and historical sites. Or who doesn’t love to collect US postage stamps of their favorite Hollywood stars?

Show your uniqueness through your US stamp collection. Remember, your choice of American stamps reflects your individuality.

How far can I go in spending money for my US stamp collecting hobby?

Another rule of thumb in philately is:

“Buy the book before you buy the stamp.”

In collecting US postage stamps, do not only limit yourself in acquiring stamps from your regular mail or the old American postage stamps you saw in your attic.

After sometime, when you have the funds and the right knowledge in American stamp collecting, you will be ready to swap or barter stamps with other US stamp collectors.

Valuable American stamps include the rare American error stamps like the 1918 Inverted Jenny postage stamp whose stamp design was accidentally overturned during printing.

Philatelists often buy old and valuable stamps just to make their stamp album complete. Remember, make your American postage stamp an investment, and not an aimless spending spree. Never buy old USPS stamps if you have no clue about them. For all you know, you have been trading your valuable American stamps into something worthless!

Wise stamp collectors consult the stamp catalogue to find out about the latest stamp values. It is also very helpful to participate in stamp shows and join philatelic clubs. Other philatelists enjoy the thrill of bidding on US postage stamp auction online.

Am I taking care of my US postal stamps the proper way?

Every stamp collector should have this mantra:

“I will do my best to preserve the value of my stamps no matter what!”

How to take care of your US postage stamps should be never be out of question. The value of your American post stamps also depends on its condition or how good it has been preserved all through out the years.

Preserve your USPS stamps from devaluing by mounting them on acid-free stamp papers. Avoid accidental tears or damage on your US stamps by using stamp tweezers when you handle them.

Collectible USPS stamps are never hard to acquire as long as you put your heart in it.