Buy postage stamps

Where to buy postage stamps? How to purchase stamps aside from the post office?

You have just begun stamp collecting and made it your heart and soul. But you found out that collecting used stamps, from the mail could not gratify your passion for postage stamps.

You want more and more stamps to fill your stamp collecting albums. Luckily, there are now easy ways how to purchase stamps.

These are the venues where you can buy postage stamps whether by packets, by bulk or by individual stamp specimens.

• Buying stamps from stamp collectors and stamp clubs

The first people you turn to when you are looking for stamps are your fellow philatelists. Build rapport with other stamp collectors by joining the stamp community.

Being a part of a stamp club allows you to be in the center of the philatelic buzz. Best of all, you get discounts from other stamp collectors who sell their duplicates.

Philatelic clubs often hold stamp exhibitions. You can buy lots of vintage postage stamps here, too.

• Buy stamps from a stamp dealer

When you want to invest in a rare stamp specimen or buy postage stamp collections, the best person to look for is the right stamp dealer. Check the phonebook and the classified ads for the nearest stamp dealers in your locale.

Philatelic dealers sell both mint and unused stamps. Since most stamp dealers are collectors themselves, they often sort postage stamps by packets according to topics or subjects.

This is very helpful if you plan to buy stamps for thematic philately.

• Purchasing postage stamps at the stamp auction

To some stamp collectors, participating in a philatelic auction gives them an adrenaline rush. During an actual stamp auction or a stamp auction online, the philatelic item for sale goes to the highest bidder.

Sometimes, stamp auctioneers list down their merchandise in a stamp catalogue and send them to philatelists. Stamp collectors can participate in the stamp bidding through the telephone or by mail.

• Buy stamps at the post office

The old way of buying stamps is by going to the post office. Though there are now other venues to purchase postage stamps, there are still a handful of philatelists who love the thrill of standing in line at the post office every time a new stamp is released.

Purchasing stamps at the post office makes it easier to mail first day covers and first day of issue commemorative stamps.

• Purchase stamps at the stamp retail stores and philatelic bureaus

Today, buying postage stamps are made more convenient. You no longer have to queue at the post office to make a purchase, you can simply avail stamps at groceries and drugstores. USPS stamp vending machines and stamp retail stores are available at major shopping centers.

Another innovative way to buy stamps is via an automated teller machine. Buying stamps at an ATM is just like doing a regular banking transaction. Simply go to “buy postage” on the menu palette and input the number of stamps you want to buy. However, you will be charged for an additional transaction fee.

Philatelic bureaus are stamp shops other than the post office. This is where you can buy covers, commemorative and definitive stamps, as well as catalogues and other philatelic references. But stamp bureaus usually have limited philatelic specimens on stock.

• Buy stamps online

Getting postage stamps online is the easiest thing. Most philatelic distributors now have websites which makes it a breeze to start collecting stamps online. Internet sites like and have a list of rare collectible stamps that are not sold at the post office and stamp retail stores.

Since you are paying with your credit card for your online stamp purchase, always be wary of internet scams. A stamp collector’s exchange is also a good way to find postage stamps. The 2-Clicks stamp classifieds is the perfect website to find stamps for sale.

Purchasing stamps in the internet also gives you an opportunity to customize your stamps. Though personalized photo stamps do not have a collector value, there are people who want their stamps made-to-order.

You can get your photo stamps at or at any stamp customization websites.

• Purchasing postage stamps from charities

Another great tip in buying stamps is by weight. These are called ‘kiloware stamps‘ and they are sold at charity fund-raising activities.

However, since you buy these postage stamps by the pound or kilo, they contain a mixture of different stamps and a sometimes, several stamp duplicates.

If you purchase charity kiloware, be sure you know how to how to remove old stamps off the envelopes.

It is a little tricky at first but you will soon realize how important it is to use stamp collecting tools in handling your postage stamp collection.