Old posted stamps

Old stamps for charity; donating and selling old posted stamps as kiloware

Your unwanted and old posted stamps can help raise funds for the blind, for stray cats and dogs, and your local church.

The dusty, used stamps in your attic can go a long way. That is why before you throw away your father’s old mail, consider donating the used stamps or kiloware to charity. Recycled postage stamps have become synonymous with philanthropy because they are sold to raise funds to support various social causes.

Or when you are in need of cash, you can make money out of those unwanted stamps by simply selling your used stamps to kiloware stamp dealers.

Do stamps have any value if they have been used?

Yes. Old posted stamps, though they cannot be re-used for postage, are sold to philatelists who specialize in used postage stamps collecting.

The value of old postage stamps has gone up since the last decade. However, most old posed stamps are not priced individually. These kind of old stamps are not preferred by dealers and collectors since they are not stamp rarities. Most recycled stamps, like your dad’s used stamps, are better sold in bulk.

What happens to recycled stamps?

Most recycled postage stamps are sold as kiloware. As the name suggests, kiloware stamps are used definitives and other old stamp issues that are sold by weight rather than by quantity. Each kiloware is approximately 2.33 pounds and they are sold by fractions of its weight.

Charitable institutions and churches accept recycled stamp donations and they sell these old posted stamps by bags or packets to philatelists. The charity kiloware or mission kiloware are used to raise funds for various causes.

How can I reuse my old posted stamps?

Other people’s trash can be somebody else’s treasure. Your dusty old posted stamps are nothing more to you but trash, but it means a lot to a budding philatelist who is about to begin stamp collecting.

You can either donate your used stamps to charity or sell them directly to a dealer.

Donating old stamps for charity

1) Take out your old mail envelopes and look for undamaged stamps. They should have minimal damage because it can affect the postage stamp grading and condition.

2) If you do not know how to remove stamps from envelopes, then better not remove them at all. Instead, carefully cut the envelope paper around the stamps. Be sure to have an at least 1/4 cm to 1cm clearance around the stamp perforation.

Remember, most charities do not accept stamps with more than a 1cm margin because they add weight to the stamps kiloware.

3) Pre-sort your stamps according to their types. Separate the commemorative stamps from the definitive stamps. You can also sort your postage stamps by country, by stamp cancellations, by age, and by other categories.

4) Then send out the used stamps for charity that are kiloware stamp dealers. The cause that you choose reflects your personal interests. If you are an animal lover, why not send your old posted stamps to non-profit organizations that make homes for poor cats.

If you heart goes out to invalid individuals, there are organizations that sell charity kiloware to raise funds for guide dogs for the blind and wheelchairs for the quadriplegic. On the other hand, church associations sell mission kiloware to support their vocation.

Selling old posted stamps

1) After sorting out your old postal stamps, search the stamp catalogue or local ads for kiloware stamp dealers near your vicinity. You can contact a stamp dealer first and discuss to him or her about the stamps you want to sell.

2) Ask how much the dealer is willing to pay for your collection. Remember, commemorative stamps are more expensive than ordinary issues.

To be sure if you are getting a good bargain, search the internet or other sources for the current postage stamp prices.