Wildlife on stamps

Wildlife stamp collecting; how to collect animals on stamps. Creative ways to display your fauna on stamps collection

Wildlife stamps are gaining popularity among topical stamp collectors.

Animals on stamps are one of the well-loved themes in topical stamp collecting. Thematic stamp collectors who are animal lovers go for fauna-themed stamps.

Collecting animals on postcards and stamps is fun way to encourage stamp collecting for kids. This is an interesting way to learn the scientific names of animals and their habitats.

What kind of animal on stamps to collect?

Countries all over the world issue definitive stamps of species endemic to their territory. Sometimes, a postal office issues animal commemorative postage stamps to gather funds for wildlife protection programs.

Many collectors prefer pets on stamps and their favorite themes are cats on stamps, dogs on stamps, fish on stamps, and many more.

Philatelists who are more adventurous like wildlife stamps. The World Wildlife Fund stamps feature endangered animals from all over the world. Proceeds of the WWF stamps go their wildlife preservation projects.

But animals on stamps do not only stop on fauna on stamps. Some ardent stamp collectors favor dinosaurs on stamps and fossil stamps. Other collectors like to collect mythical creatures on postage stamps like dragons and unicorns.

There are thematic USPS postage stamps that featured famous storybook animals like in Dr. Seuss’s Fox in Sox and Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web.

Where to buy animal postage stamps?

Stamp dealers are always handy with packet of wildlife stamps which they have pre-sorted into topics like birds on stamps, elephant stamps, and the likes.

You can get animal stamps online rom thematic stamp websites. The 2-Clicks animal stamps directory has a full list of topical postage stamps to excite every fauna-loving philatelist.

Zoos, tourist shops, and national parks often sell wildlife postcards and animal postal stamps for souvenirs.

How to arrange your fauna on stamps collection?

The best part of topical philately is arranging your finds in the stamp collecting album.

If you plan to make a thematic collection of the entire animal kingdom, then you have to classify your fauna stamps according to: mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and insects. You might also want to extend to mythical creatures.

Or you can also opt for just one kind of animal. If you plan to have fish on stamps, for example, you can focus on the different species of freshwater and saltwater fishes from all over the world.