Would you like to express yourself creatively on a postage stamp? Show how unique you are even when you send out mails by posting custom stamps on your envelope.

Although the advent of the Internet, electronic mails (e-mails), cellphones, and instant messaging services (IMS) ignited the four corners of the world to develop into one huge wireless global village.

The hobby of philately or stamp collecting is more rewarding and fun when you have the left philatelic supplies and stamp accessories to help you.

No doubt you have set aside some American stamps that caught your fancy and you want to have more.

What are the rarest stamps in the world? This is one of the most frequently-asked questions by both budding stamp collectors and those in possession of inherited albums or stacks of stamps.

Choosing the right stamp dealer is important when you decide to make the big leap from being a stamp collector to being a stamp investor.

The art of stamp collecting breathes a new life to retirees seeking out an interesting pastime, professionals wanting to unwind after a tiresome day at work.

Being a dynamic philatelist as you are, you go out and seek new stamps to increase your postage stamps collection.

Wildlife stamps are gaining popularity among topical stamp collectors. Animals on stamps are one of the well-loved themes in topical stamp collecting.

Recycled postage stamps have become synonymous with philanthropy because they are sold to raise funds to support various social causes.

Christmas stamps have become a postal tradition not only in the US and Canada but in other parts of the world as well.

As your stamp collection grows, you also acquire plenty of stamp duplicates especially when you buy philatelic mixtures.

From its unusual name, you may be wondering what forever postal stamps are and how they came to be.

Stamp-like labels were continually used to mark envelopes and postcards for propaganda and advertising features.

Old postage stamps, especially the rare stamps, are worth more than the newer stamps.

Through the years, the history of philately has been shaped by ardent stamp collectors who find joy in gathering postage stamps and studying the types of philately.

In philately, stamp grade and condition are very important when it comes to determining the value of stamps.

Collecting stamps can never be more fun when you know what postage stamp you are collecting.

When the US postal service was formalized, they began to issue the official US stamps.

Stamp exchange or stamp trading is a good way to start and expand a stamp collection.