Stamp collecting supplies

Stamp collecting supplies include stamp collecting inventory softwares, stamp collecting tongs, postage stamps magnifier stamps album, etc.

Other sections of this stamp directory are available for free navigation.:stamp collecting resources on stamps by country, topical stamps, postal stationery, stamp price, stamp literature and postal history by country are accessible in this stamp directory.

Stamps resources on stamp catalog online, stamp community sites, stamp associations, and other postage stamp collecting information are also found in relevant pages of this site.

Useful Stamp Collecting Supplies links:

  1. Postage stamps value – the keys to stamps evaluation are centering, condition or grade. Read this article and find out what are the other factors to determine the value of your postage stamps.
  2. Stamp collecting tools – read about the stamp starter packs, stamp tweezers, stamp magnifiers, stamp perforation gauges, and other basic philatelist tools. Philatelic supply and stamp accessories for stamp collectors.
  3. Kinds of stamp tweezers – read about the uses of the basic types of stamp tongs. Know how to prevent damage on your stamp by using a pair of stamp tweezers.
  4. Postage stamp grading and condition – learn how the centering of the stamp design can affect the stamp price. Know about the criteria in postage stamp condition.