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What are topical stamps? These are postage stamps that are relating to a particular subject, concept or theme that may include almost anything. It encompasses a wide range of themes - from birds on stamps, to famous personalities, historical events and celebrations, maps of places, automobiles, sports, plants, early creatures, lighthouses and many more. Famous stamp collectors from around the world has their own collections of stamps by topics.

While the earliest stamps simply depicted busts of reigning monarchs, important figures, or coats of arms, the continuing need for new types of stamps, plus the desire to inject some variety of them, prompted postal administrations to develop new designs that drew upon their nations' cultures, as well as nature.

Topical stamps collecting provides all the joys of a specified collections without the disadvantages of collectig general ones. In our articles page, we feature a Guide to topical stamp collecting where you can gather some information about the do's and dont's of topical stamp collecting. Selling stamps as kiloware, learn about charity kiloware and mission mixtures. Know about selling old postal stamps by weight.

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